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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I sit in the livingroom right now overflowing with gratitude. It amazes me how the people of God in my life display Jesus!Probably they don't see themselves the way I do. Very godly people. If they did, that would be self righteousness anyways. But the thing is, they don't. What is so amazing is that no matter the season I may be going through, I am always accepted and loved. It has taken me a while to build confidence in that. But I can honestly say that maybe the reason God has allowed certain things in my life to happen so slowly is not only for his Glory and my little test of faith and endurance but also to show me that the people that surround me now are in this for the long haul just like me. God has so taken me and is forming a confident secure woman. Ill probably be saying that until I die but that's okay. That just means that I am always making progress in this world of sin. I will never overcome sin without Gods almighty hand in my life. Wow, if I could see the smile on Gods face right now for what his servants here on earth have done for mine and my children's salvation. So many questions and so much scepticism in the beginning of my journey (on my part and others). People stood in the gap for me. People prayed for me. Prople had faith in God for me. People trusted their Lord. People were obedient no matter how crazy it was. People loved on me when I was so scared. Those same people love me even more today. And I love them much more today as well. So here I sit. Hmmm... How much greater can it get than this Lord. You are an awesome God. Thank you Jesus for ice cream and salvation.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

God's grace

Way back when,I had no idea that my life would be possible. Period. I had dug holes and created no way out. Well, I fall nothing short of the miracle of God. When I managed to bring myself to literal insanity, God shined his light on me the most. Through the journey that I have been traveling over the last two and a half years has been an amazing one. One can learn that possessions are meaningless to God. And know that His love far surpasses any of it. That knowledge sometimes can be only that as well... Knowledge alone. It is possible to have a good heart to go along with that knowledge. In my case, God has walked me through coming to love him far more than possessions. Because I have learned to love God far more, I am able to love the possessions I have. I don't have a lot in comparrison to some, but I feel and know that I am blessed in what I do have.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hearing From God

I am currently praying through a physical move. I usually get very anxious when trying to seek God's will for these decisions. I purposely say trying because while always seeking, these type decisions tend to make me actually try when its not required. In former life times I never had the patience, understanding or trust in God to be capable of following His will. Even still today it is tough. I thought I learned when God is actually giving me a go sign on the decision at hand. I do believe that what I have done is learned those signs all too well. While God is still raising me I tend to like to think that I'm all grown up in the Lord because most times I do experience the peace, understanding and trust that I lacked in the past. Therefore putting me in a position of naturally feeling those things and mistaking them for 'The Sign'. Which in turn leaves me kinda dumb struck. And yet learning another lesson. So, here I am again going 'Hmmm, what next Lord? What am I to learn on this trip? Go easy on me Lord because I love you. You are good. Amen.'

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Morning Glory

For a while god has been revealing my own life to me through traffic. Which I wish I had blogged through that. Since, I have been experiencing much of the love and richness of God during drives to and from work. I feel a newness coming on and can't even imagine where it is bringing me. Sometimes the thought of God's greatness and the things he has planned for me scare me. Its as if I am so unworthy and don't dare because who am I but a human. Therefore limiting my own acceptance of His presence and grace. I am starting a new season in life and maybe just maybe this will be a turn around for those thoughts. Letting go and letting God is kinda tough there will come a day when His glory will far far surpass all that has ever been will be and is now. I only think that I have my own purposes. Its all His idea.... EVERYTHING IS HIS. Grasp that in its fullness if you dare.